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I sold my textbook to Textbookwheel and never got paid.Upon registering the book you are selling, and agrees to their price, they send you a pre-paid shipping document.With this arrangement, it looks legit.

Upon receipt of the item by Textbookwheel, they issue a receipt, thru email confirmation number stating allegedly that payment for this item has been mailed. In USA, regular mail reach the recipients in 2 weeks. After a month, I contacted them to follow up on the payment. According to the customer service, they would put a stop payment on the alleged payment mailed, and reissue a replacement check.

When I started confirming the mailing of the replacement check, info@textbookwheel.com stop replying. I believe this business is absolutely a SCAM, ripping off students. I believe in KARMA.

What goes around comes around.

Textbookwheel - Did not pay for the books I sent.

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I feel that Textbookwheel.com is a fraud.They claim to have never received my books, which seems to be the common excuse for not paying.

I was very careful to use my return address on the package. Everyone who has done business with this company should report this company to the authorites as I have. This can be done over the internet.

I sent my books on 12/22/07. I attempted to call this company but of course I never got a live person and my calls were never returned.

They responded to my emails in a very automated bulk mail style.

Tell your friends to stay away.

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:? I've Used them several times and never had a problem, I do also write down the tracking number for the prepaid mailer I use when I send in my books, thus I have proof of delivery. With anything mailed, also send with delivery confirmation, or you are at the mercy of the receiver.

This is true for Ebay, amazon, or any other online retailer.

Without Proof it never arrived,



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I also feel like this internet company is a SCAM!I, too, sent my books to them and have yet to recieve my $61 dollars in my paypal account.

I also received an e-mail from LUKE stating that mu package was lost. Isn't that funny that my package was lost, just like the other guy's books. Every time I cal the number I get a voice mail and never a phone call back. For a business that claims to have over 20 years in the business you would think they would call a customer back!

What a scam!

Let's see if I ever get my money back!

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Textbook Wheel is a scam they claimed, "my books were lost in the mail" too. I am glad they can sleep at night knowing they are ripping off hundreds of students. Nice people!


Textbookwheel.com has paid for some of my books in the past but after they sent me an incomplete, unprofessional e-mail which translated to one shipment of my books arrived w/o the books, I will never do business with them again. You can't track or insure the books if you use the shipping label they supply using UPS and once you ask for an explanation or complain you never get a response.

If you want to gamble with your books/money then textbookwheel.com is the company for you.


somehow my shippment of textbooks got lost by textbookwheel.com.


There are several positive reviews on BookScouter.com, so it sounds like they actually do make payments.

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